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Revisely's online web app makes it easy for teachers to give more and better feedback on texts to students in less time. This is especially useful for correcting essays, letters and papers more effectively, giving teachers a comfortable tool for text correction in Dutch, English and Spanish. Thanks to built-in structured comments, students get better feedback without extra work for the teacher. Our tool covers the entire process, from setting the assignment thru plagiarism checking to giving insightful feedback. Both student and teacher also benefit from reporting and benchmarking tools.

Revisely was founded in 2014 by Jeroen Fransen and former Minister of Education for the Netherlands Jo Ritzen. We work hand in hand with teachers and students of the two largest school groups in the Netherlands, OMO and Carmel. Revisely now has over 185,000 users in the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, India and Italy in both secondary and higher education. We are proud to be partners with SOMtoday, Urkund, Brightspace, Van Dijk, UtrechtInc, Impact Accelerator and xEdu. Revisely is a founding member of Dutch edtech group The Dutch School.