Varkey Foundation: Holland-based Revisely is one of the 50 most promising EdTech start-ups in the world

Revisely, the online tool that helps teachers to give better feedback on texts to students, has been selected for the edtech startup competition 'Tomorrow' in Dubai. This a new event within the renowned Global Education and Skills Forum. Revisely is in the running to win Next Billion EdTech Prize 2018.

Utrecht, 23 February 2018 - The Global Education and Skills Forum 2018, organised by the Varkey Foundation, is bringing together high-potential educational technology start-ups with Ministers, policymakers, investors, donors, charities and educationalists from around the world. The goal of this event is to meet and discuss how technology can improve the future of education and create more equal chances for all. Within this forum, the new ‘Tomorrow’ event is organised where solutions to tomorrow’s problems are showcased. Revisely is more than happy to be a part of that change!

The Varkey Foundation

The Varkey Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to improve the standards of education for underprivileged children throughout the world. Their mission is that every child should have a good teacher.

Improve education

For over 4 years Revisely has been a successful company, growing to 200,000 users, and we're still expanding the product and user base thanks to our offering for schools, colleges and universities but also to publishers and resellers. Looking at the global educational situation, we are convinced that our mature platform for feedback on texts can also benefit those students who currently don't have access to the same education as others. That is why we'll work on a 'marketplace' to match those students with teachers/correctors who can help them improve their texts. Both the commercial and the non-commercial side of Revisely can learn from each other. More importantly, together we can further build on our goal to improve education in the world.


Revisely's team, together with teachers and students of many schools, created a tool that saves teachers time and helps them to provide more qualitative feedback on students' texts. Revisely is used for all types of subjects, from Biology to Law to English. A large set of positive and critical comments for multiple languages is built into Revisely so that correctors don't have to type them in again and again. The comments are organised in such a way that students can receive a summary that shows the main improvement points. Students can also dig in to the individual feedback points to learn more about them. Teachers can be the one to set the writing assignment but can then outsource the actual correction work to assistants or external correctors. Therefore, the location of the student and corrector don't have to be the same. A good example would be a corrector from Birmingham who can give formative feedback to a student in Gambia.

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About Revisely

Revisely's online web app makes it easy for teachers to give more and better feedback on texts to students in less time.
This is especially useful for marking essays, letters and papers more effectively, giving teachers a comfortable tool for text correction for any subject in any language. Thanks to built-in comments organised in comment sets, students get better feedback without extra work for the teacher. Our tool covers the entire process, from setting the assignment thru plagiarism checking to giving insightful feedback. Both student and teacher also benefit from reporting and benchmarking tools.

Revisely was founded in 2014 by Jeroen Fransen and former Minister of Education for the Netherlands Jo Ritzen. We work hand in hand with teachers and students of the two largest school groups in the Netherlands, OMO and Carmel. Revisely has over 200,000 users in the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, India and Italy in both secondary and higher education. We are proud to be partners with Iddink/Magister, SOMtoday, Urkund, Brightspace, Van Dijk, UtrechtInc, Impact Accelerator and xEdu. Revisely is a founding member of Dutch edtech group The Dutch School.