Dutch startup Revisely focuses on collaboration among students with improved text correction tool

Revisely, the online tool that helps teachers to give good feedback on texts to students, has a new improved version 2.7. This new release offers several new features to improve 21st century skills. One of these new features is peer grading, allowing students to assess each other’s writing skills.  

UTRECHT, 27 December 2016 - Revisely today announces a major upgrade of their software to 2.7. The digital text correction tool supports teachers in secondary and higher education during the entire process of writing assignments: from creating an assignment thru checking for plagiarism to giving insightful feedback and monitoring the hand-in and correction process. Revisely achieved exponential business growth during 2016 and currently counts around 130.000 users and 500 schools. To make sure students develop abilities and traits that serve them in a time that’s changing and developing so rapidly, Revisely decided to put several new features in the new release. The main developments in the new release are:

Peer grading

Peer grading became a popular new tool for students in order to improve 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. It is a process whereby students (or their peers) grade assignments based on a teacher's criteria. Revisely 2.7 offers this feature in its text correction application, allowing teachers to easily create peer grading assignments for students. This proved to be of great value, since students learn as much from the review process itself as from the final grade on an assignment.

Team Hand-in

Another new feature in Revisely 2.7 is the team hand-in option. This feature gives students the possibility to hand-in an assignment together as a team. They combine expertise, allowing also more creative solutions to a problem. This is important as an 21st century skill since society advances, and so will the complexity of its manageable conflicts. Therefore, it is important to focus on students’ ability to devise effective solutions with good collaboration.

Other new features and improvements in Revisely 2.7 are:

- Improved student dashboard

- Revisely messaging overview

- Additional or alternate email account

- Improved text correction screen

- More filters available on assignments and documents

- Faster response on our servers

- Possibility to work with various school periods

- New option to set default account

The first reactions to Revisely 2.7 during the beta period were very positive. Revisely already proved to be a reliable tool for teachers but with the new release there is more focus on the learning process of the students, improving their writing skills in combination with 21st century skills. Revisely will present the new release 2.7 next 25-28 January at the Bett 2017 in London, the  world's leading education technology event. Are you visiting Bett2017 and willing to learn more about the new release of Revisely? Visit the team at stand E360 at the Holland Lounge.

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About Revisely

Revisely's online web app makes it easy for teachers to give more and better feedback on texts to students in less time.
This is especially useful for marking essays, letters and papers more effectively, giving teachers a comfortable tool for text correction for any subject in any language. Thanks to built-in comments organised in comment sets, students get better feedback without extra work for the teacher. Our tool covers the entire process, from setting the assignment thru plagiarism checking to giving insightful feedback. Both student and teacher also benefit from reporting and benchmarking tools.

Revisely was founded in 2014 by Jeroen Fransen and former Minister of Education for the Netherlands Jo Ritzen. We work hand in hand with teachers and students of the two largest school groups in the Netherlands, OMO and Carmel. Revisely has over 200,000 users in the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, India and Italy in both secondary and higher education. We are proud to be partners with Iddink/Magister, SOMtoday, Urkund, Brightspace, Van Dijk, UtrechtInc, Impact Accelerator and xEdu. Revisely is a founding member of Dutch edtech group The Dutch School.